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Web Design

Sit down and relax. Official Branding team understand that designing is a tricky business since the product must be approved by taste and not scientific standards, but we are confident that with our methods and experience we can bring any idea to life.

Before when we start working on a project, we ask the owner to answer a few general questions in order to capture the essence of your idea. Based on the questioner, our graphic artists develop several demos for you to choose from. We can provide styles ranging from web 2.0 to simple, clean, corporate, depending on the specific of your business.

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Once the visual identity of the project is accepted we then move to coding. Official Branding only provides SEO friendly w3c validated html/css code with many tweaks that guarantee cross browser compatibility.

Now when it comes to programming the possibilities are unlimited. We use JAVASCRIPT for basic web animation, PHP to bring dynamics into the website and whenever is needed, a bit of ACTION SCRIPT to spice everything up. We also customize (visual and functional) the main web CMS's on the market, including WordPress and Business Catalyst as a specialty.

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Flash Solution

Since flash first appeared, the WWW has never been the same. It offered users more than information; Flash changed the connected computer into an entertainment machine and the crowds went nuts. Suddenly the browser became a portal to unlimited music, videos, games and real time interactivity and the flash empire is expanding ever since. We witnessed the rise and rise of Flash and we ride on its tail ever since.

We use animated clips to attract visitor’s mouse click or create “out of this world” presentation websites to help sell a certain product, we bring old platforms into the multimedia era and create custom games to keep the users busy, we animate cartoons in the old style, with up to date techniques and this is only a small part of what we can do with Flash.

Our services include:

Win-Win business
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Official Branding is all about efficiency in the shortest amount of time and top quality no matter the budget. We don’t have clients... we only have long term partners, because small changes, advices and updates about the technology and web market are always free.

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Our online management team is available for chatting on all major web communication channels (yahoo, skype, msn) or over the phone, offering key information about our services and creating the link between partners and the development team.

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Our services range from pixel icons to large scale prints, from seo campaigns to complex e-commerce solutions, from small presentation websites to flash interactive solutions, taking into consideration nowadays trends on design and functionality.

What We Do

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Over the years we learned that in order to be competitive in this business, you have to go head to head with the www, so our team has key professionals for all the important web technologies and we are always expanding our knowledge base through education and smart recruiting campaigns.

Web Design

we bring any idea to life

Search Engine Optimisation

The SEO success is only based on results

Branding and Corporate Identity

Good branding defines your position

Graphic Design

We create stunning visual artwork