Graphic Design

Graphic design is our main passion and creating stunning visual artwork in the shortest amount of time is what separates us from the rest of the agencies.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Our graphic department has seven members, some art graduates, some with impressive work background, schooled in Romania’s top graphic studios, and some very talented novices whom earned their position in the team.

Our little secret is that we create competition between designers, so when we are asked to do one mockup, we provide three different visual approaches. This is why 99% of our demands are satisfied with the first set of drawings.

Our main design products are:

Brand identity elements:

Advertising and Marketing materials:

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Custom Icons Design

If you are building new software or a web platform, you probably need a set of icons, and of course you could buy them from the internet, but it’s quite unpleasant when your visitors see the same graphicS on different websites. This is why we provide as one of our main service custom icons design.

The process of solving this delicate task starts with a careful analyze of the environment and the role icons play in the functionality (drawing attention on a certain area, acting as buttons or just for esthetic reasons). After we conceive a couple of sketches and agree upon a certain style, we pass to the actual development that lasts a few days, depending on the quantity and complexity. Working closely with the purchaser in every step of the process, assures top quality and reasonable development time, so very competitive pricing.

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3D artwork

As technology and visual artwork evolved, 3D graphic has transcended its boundaries from movie animation and gaming (booming in the 90’s) to practically every place where visual communication is used: presentation websites, web applications, identity, printing and packaging materials, etc… Using also the 3rd dimension expands the space beyond the number of pixels so if you want to have more consistency in your message or just to be ahead of your competitors, this premium service certainly does the trick.

The team members are highly trained and schooled in our city’s art university and use the latest 3d manipulation software, while keeping an eye one the trends and opportunities of nowadays technology.

They can develop any kind of 3d high-definition rendered image or movie animation, providing sketches and samples during the entire creation process, for a final product that best suites your needs. If you are uncertain about using 3d in your projects, the next samples might convince you.

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Official Branding is all about efficiency in the shortest amount of time and top quality no matter the budget. We don’t have clients... we only have long term partners, because small changes, advices and updates about the technology and web market are always free.

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Our online management team is available for chatting on all major web communication channels (yahoo, skype, msn) or over the phone, offering key information about our services and creating the link between partners and the development team.

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Our services range from pixel icons to large scale prints, from seo campaigns to complex e-commerce solutions, from small presentation websites to flash interactive solutions, taking into consideration nowadays trends on design and functionality.

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Over the years we learned that in order to be competitive in this business, you have to go head to head with the www, so our team has key professionals for all the important web technologies and we are always expanding our knowledge base through education and smart recruiting campaigns.

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