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The web market transcends the physical space and redefines the presentation and selling process. Promoting on the WWW means assuming a greater possible cliental but also a lot more competitors.

Search Engine Optimization has earned its position as one of the top marketing tools for companies who promote products over the internet. It started as a need to keep up with the web technology but nowadays has evolved into a “must have” solution.

The SEO success is only based on results. The market is defined by keywords, relevant to your needs. Optimizing is equal to smart organizing. The code is verified, the texts are rewritten, the website is promoted on the web with smart campaigns, all this under a 24 hours per day monitoring.

Official Branding, a reliable web design company, supplies also effective SEO campaigns for Google, Yahoo and MSN search engines, so read our testimonials section to find out more about our success stories. And to understand that we always give more than we are being asked, for no extra fees, all the code provided by our development team is SEO friendly, so you might have a pleasant surprise when checking your website’s position in these search engines, after Official Branding has finished the web design and development processes.

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Internet Marketing

Marketing is the art of defining perception, increasing values, determining and filling new needs, with a crucial role in nowadays commerce and economy.

With technology’s evolution, marketing was always the first to embrace new ways of promoting, so when internet began its short history, its obvious advantages were quickly adopted in daring campaigns and it paid off. But it takes certain kind of skills, knowledge and experience in multiple fields to be efficient, so when we discuss about internet marketing, we always start with the results and then present our services.

Official Branding also provides the most common internet marketing products:

We start from a budge and a targeted result, and we suggest a certain approach, by combining some of the well known solutions presented above or by thinking innovative campaigns that might seem crazy, but based on strong research can turn very effective.

The first proof of our skills is the fact that… you are on our website.

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Official Branding is all about efficiency in the shortest amount of time and top quality no matter the budget. We don’t have clients... we only have long term partners, because small changes, advices and updates about the technology and web market are always free.

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Our online management team is available for chatting on all major web communication channels (yahoo, skype, msn) or over the phone, offering key information about our services and creating the link between partners and the development team.

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Our services range from pixel icons to large scale prints, from seo campaigns to complex e-commerce solutions, from small presentation websites to flash interactive solutions, taking into consideration nowadays trends on design and functionality.

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Over the years we learned that in order to be competitive in this business, you have to go head to head with the www, so our team has key professionals for all the important web technologies and we are always expanding our knowledge base through education and smart recruiting campaigns.

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The SEO success is only based on results

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