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Official Branding began its long journey in 1998 with a very small but enthusiastic team, working on simple web projects (those were the days). Throughout the years we evolved head to head with the web technology and its custom market needs, proudly saying that now we have top quality members, partners and a range of solutions that can satisfy even the most rigorous companies.

Our studio is located in the educational capital of Romania, Iasi, but thanks to our communication skills and international/multicultural approach, we gathered a portfolio of partners from all over the world.

Most of our team members have degrees in informatics, arts, marketing and communication with a professional background that includes some of Romania’s top web agencies. From time to time we accept new young members, mostly talented students. We teach the technical issues but leave them the freedom to express freely in drawing and programming, in this way assuring fresh and innovative approaches towards our challenging projects.

Working closely with the development team is the online management department, who takes care of our personal image and supervises the production process. So if you chose to work with us, these will be the guys that will help you decide what services best fit you and make sure that you know at any moment where the project is and where it’s going, assuring that in the end both partners have something to be proud of.

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Win-Win business
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Official Branding is all about efficiency in the shortest amount of time and top quality no matter the budget. We don’t have clients... we only have long term partners, because small changes, advices and updates about the technology and web market are always free.

Communication - the key
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Our online management team is available for chatting on all major web communication channels (yahoo, skype, msn) or over the phone, offering key information about our services and creating the link between partners and the development team.

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Our services range from pixel icons to large scale prints, from seo campaigns to complex e-commerce solutions, from small presentation websites to flash interactive solutions, taking into consideration nowadays trends on design and functionality.

What We Do

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Over the years we learned that in order to be competitive in this business, you have to go head to head with the www, so our team has key professionals for all the important web technologies and we are always expanding our knowledge base through education and smart recruiting campaigns.

Web Design

we bring any idea to life

Search Engine Optimisation

The SEO success is only based on results

Branding and Corporate Identity

Good branding defines your position

Graphic Design

We create stunning visual artwork